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Today it is possible to access data and company information from anywhere, because the methods of communication are becoming easier, safer and faster.

The versatile products are suitable for both end users as well as for supporting work processes in a company and as components for integrators and OEM customers.




PDF is now a world wide standard for exchanging and archiving of electronic documents.

PDF Tools

We provide smart, simple solutions for a paperless workflow that forces the PDF (/ A) format.


International standard document format for long-term archiving of electronic documents.


Due to modular design and existing components, we can implement projects economically and quickly.


Convert different types of documents, incl. scanned paper docs into searchable data.

ifresco / Alfresco

Open platform for mission-critical document management. We offer add-ons for Alfresco.

FREE PDF Printer

Create PDF documents from any application on any workstation.


The Email Archiver is a FileConverterPro Microsoft Outlook 2010/2013 plug-in that allows to convert directly from MS-Outlook single or multiple selected emails or entire email folders and subfolders with all their e-mail messages to PDF or PDF/A.


eDocPrintPro – free PDF printer driver

The easiest way is to create PDF documents of over a printing process using a PDF printer driver.

Our eDocPrintPro printerdriver can be used and distributed for free, is structured professional, can be integrated to applications by an API, is available 32 und 64bit Version, runs under MS-Terminalserver as well as CITRIX, can be extended by PlugIns and offers plenty of options, functions and possible output formats (PDF, PDF/A, TIF…).

eDocPrintPro PDF/A (license) has the same features like eDocPrintPro but extended with the ability to create PDF/A-1b compliant documents.

  • Enterprise-wide use of current company letterhead for different parts of the company and a variety of form templates. Group-wide use of iPaper as a client, Terminal Server and the Folder Monitoring solution. Thus, a significant simplification and time savings was achieved in the end.

    STRABAG building contractors
  • As a document management software vendor time has a special significance. Because our customers want to view and print archived documents and records reliable even after more than 10 years. Therefore we integrate software products of X KEY in our DMS solutions for legally compliant long-term archiving and output management. Reliable products from a competent partner. This is how successful business works!

    H&S Heilig und Schubert Software AG
  • Group-wide PDFA printer driver and converter solution for a wide variety of formats. Integration and adaptation for BASF IT structures. PDF / A defines a standard for long-term archiving of documents.

    BASF - The Chemical Company

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