AutoOCR is an OCR processor watching pre-defined folders, converting automatically new added or changed image documents to fulltext searchable PDF or PDF/A documents.
The OmniPage OCR Engine can be activated for AutoOCR or AutoOCRLight as of version 2.0.7 as an option in addition to the iOCR (Tesseract OCR) and is already included in the AutoOCR setup



Features at a glance

FineOCR (WebService)

With a command line invocation documents can be converted via a web service interface from any workstation via a central AutoOCR server to searchable PDF or PDF/A.

SOAP Web-Service / REST

AutoOCR can be accessed via HTTP as OCR service. A C # WCF – sample application, as well as a PHP REST Library are available for free


An unlimited IOCR standard OCR engine is integrated in AutoOCR. This is characterized by a high processing speed, can handle as input image files and PDFs to create searchable PDFs from it.