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The optimal integration of software products in business processes is critical to the usability and efficiency of the solution, as well as user acceptance. We develop our own software products and components - tailored to the needs and demands of our customers.

Through modular design using pre-built and existing components, we are able to implement projects quickly and inexpensively.

QiScan – Software for (Book)Scanner

The QiScan Software developed by us is able to digitalize books or magazines via two high resolution NIKON or CANON digital cameras plugged to a normal PC. Every 4 to 7 seconds two high resolution pictures of both opposite sites are taken. With the Qidenus scan-robots the page-turns is done either manuelly or also fully automated.

Qidenus - – whose scan-robots we developed this software for, is an austrian startup company which distributes it’s solutions world wide. Qidenus scan-robots are operated at many famous institutions and are used to digitalize huge amounts of partially very old and valuable books and documents.

With this project we have extensive and year-long experience in using and driving digital cameras as “color-scanners” for automated continous operations.

LetterXpress – simply send letters online

LetterXpress is a service for customers with a low or irregular mailing volume. LetterXpress prints, envelopes and cares for the postal mailing. With the product of XKEY we have managed to provide a printer driver for the customers which meets all the requirements.

KEDOPO – Documentation Portal for Safety centers

With KEDOPO (Kernstock Documentation Portal) you have the contemporary documentation tool with all the legally required and relevant information and logs at hand.

You can see at a glance which areas to which jobs our safety expert has identified a need for improvement.
You can see at a glance what problems have already been solved.
You have all the documents ordered, clear and accessible at all times for the labor inspector.
The labor inspector must not get used to your clipboard, he knows KEDOPO and gets along.
There remain no open questions.
Focus on your business, we'll do all predetermined by WEA and B-BSG documentation measures.

PDFLayer – .NET Component to create PDF files with layers

In PDF's there is also the opportunity to work with layers. The information such as transparencies are stacked and can be selectively turned on and. In order to simplify the operation, it is also possible to place buttons on the document with which the layers are selectively switched.

Typical applications include plans and technical documentation as well as the production of multilingual documents - while a single document is produced for only across the plains and the lyrics are displayed in different languages. For this application PDFLayer was developed.

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